Monday, April 11, 2011

Keeping Them Fed

Every Friday night for the last five years my husband and his buddies get together and play cards...and every Friday night for the last five years I slave away in the kitchen and make them finger food.  For the longest time the recipes for Friday night were disorganized and shoved into a pile.  The plan:  To make a recipe book with all the recipes, that will be a constant work in progress.

So far I have around 20 recipes added to the book and this weekend I put together the cover.

The journal is handmade by me.  It has a duct tape cover and drawing paper for the pages.  The cover was designed using stamps, old playing cards, and stickers.  To keep things from staying on the cover, I glued everything together and sealed them using a laminating plastic.  Using E6000 Glue, I adhered the plastic to the cover with a few dots, then stitched around the edges to keep it from peeling up later.  This book will get a lot of use and handling, so I want things to stay put.

Visit this blog on Fridays, where you will find the recipe pages inside the book.  Included will be the recipe artwork, the recipe and the guys reviews.

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