Friday, June 10, 2011

Creating a Happy Workplace

Happy Friday!!  I am very happy it is Friday.  My week has been really busy at work and I really need the break.

After Easter, a friend of mine called me up and said, "I have 20 plus Easter Lilies I need to do something you want one?  or two, or ten?"  Now, I could not take ten, but I thought two would be good.  Within 10 minutes of the call she showed up at my office with two beautiful, in full bloom, Easter Lilies.  They were beautiful, but the shiny cellophane wrapping the plastic pot was not.

So what did I do...I crocheted a flower pot cover!  I used plain old acrylic yarn and just improvised on a pattern.  I love them and so far everyone that sees them gets a smile on their face...hopefully it's because they like them too.


*  Finger Food Friday will now be posted on Saturdays.

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  1. Oh! That is super cute!!! When can I put my order in??